About Elite

Elite Automotive Finishes or just Elite for short is an automotive customization and body shop that has been open since 2007. We work on a wide range of vehicles from classic restorations (both American and foreign) to modern European Super-cars. We have a very loyal and strong customer base that stems from our meticulous nature and passionate employees. Getting to know our customers on a first name bases is something we pride ourselves on. Every project whether it is a fifty thousand dollar complete restoration to a touch up paint job we want you to feel welcome.

We believe you have to be a little bit crazy to get into the automotive industry. It is an addictive world full of long hours with little returns besides pride and respect. That is something we would not trade for anything and our customers see in our work.

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We Specialize in high quality auto body works
and customization.

From restoring a beloved classic, fixing a dent, or upgrading your luxury vehicle in all things, we make it elite.